Kid-friendly Ice Skating Sports to Choose From


If your kids love to skate but you’re worried that this might hurt them? Don’t worry there is a lot of available safety gear where you can shop online using next promo code in store. Here is the list of ice skating sports you can choose from. These sports are safer compared to speed skating, yet it will help them to be flexible, agile, and of course, to know the fun of playing on ice. This will allow them to enjoy the feeling of freedom and individuality. Most ice skating park has breathtaking scenery that they can enjoy while skating.

The Freedom of Free Skating

This is the most popular form of figure skating. A skater performs acrobatic moves like jumps and spins to the tune of music. How he interprets the music based on his choreography moves next to promo that showcase elegance and finest.

Get More Social Interaction Through Pair Skating

skatingThis is the most thrilling event in figure skating. A man and a woman skate together and perform jumps and spins both together as a pair and side by side in unison. The man lifts and throws the lady and land on ice with one foot and slides perfectly. Watching them in perfect unison makes you want to go to Amsterdam city sightseeing bus stops and have a date with your loved one.

The Groove of Ice Dancing

Ice Dancing is ballroom dancing on the ice. Skaters can skate waltzes, tangos, foxtrots, and other dances. Ice dancing can be done with or without a partner and through modern upbeat tempo or classical music.

Synchronized Skating

This is done with a team of twelve to twenty skaters. The team performs a routine in unison to music and skates together in various patterns and figures that make a whole team looks like one single entity. The group must be in sync with everyone and must have a tremendous bond with one another. You may take your group to Amsterdam top sightseeing and start building bonds and friendship.