Most frequent questions and answers

Team Van Werven do outdoor ice skating during winter. The location varies depending on the convenience of our members. And during summer, we do monthly practice in an ice skating rink near Amsterdam main sights and boat rental.

We’re a small community of ice skating fanatics, so we don’t do this for money. We just love to skate. We have members who know how to skate really well. They offer free lessons.

Outdoor ice skating has some risks. Team Van Werven is conservative in choosing the safest location possible. We also check out weather forecasts every time we do an event to lower the risks of having unprecedented casualties. If you are worried about your safety, we suggest that you do indoor ice skating instead.

Since ice skating poses some risk, we only accept 15-year-olds and above as new members. But we do have programs for kids from ages 5 to 10 years old. To learn more, please contact us.

We love speed skating. There’s a huge thrill involved in this sport, but it could be risky at the same time. So, we equip our members with safety knowledge before we let them join us.

We love ice, so yes, we can recommend the best club for your kid. They will learn various skills of ice skating including how to dance gracefully. We can help you hunt for special discount shopping coupons because exclusive clubs can be expensive.