Ice Skating Embedded in Dutch Culture

For most countries, they hate winters. For them, it’s just going to be another boring season, but for us, we look forward to it. Do you wonder why Dutch people love ice skating? It’s because ice skating is embedded in our culture. It will stay with us for years to come. What do we do on Amsterdam sightseeing canal cruise holiday? We Skate. Wondering what to do in Amsterdam in winter? No need to think, we skate. Team Van Werven is a website that fuels our drive to ice skate. We love ice skating so much that we formed our own team. Now, let’s start gliding.

Forming The Team

Team Van Werven is all about ice skating. Even when it’s summer, we still do our preparations for the most awaited season. Forming the team was not that hard. We had a number of people signed up from the first day of our announcement. All level skaters were accepted. We didn’t discriminate. If you’ll see those beginners who joined the team, you’ll be amazed at how much they improved compared to day one. And during winter, there is no time to waste because it’s not going to be winter the whole year round. We practised as often as we can. All those times we spent together on the ice made our team stronger and better. Team Van Werven is a small family and a safe haven of ice skating enthusiasts in the Netherlands.


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Joining Competitions

Getting good at ice skating is good, but we felt that adding more challenge would be nice. Every winter, we pack our bags and join the Amsterdam city trip on hotels Amsterdam. We have joined amateur competitions and brought home some trophies. Team Van Werven is not after the trophies. What we’re after is the experience and thrill in every competition. If you are a professional ice skater, join us in our yearly trips. It’s going to fun and super cool.

What’s in It For Our Members?

Be Updated

If you are fond of ice skating and want to be updated on the latest happenings on this sport, we got you covered. From figure skating to speed skating, you will not be left behind. We’ll feature local and international teams.

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Learn Some Cool Moves

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, learning new moves is part of the thrill. We are on the hunt for new techniques to bring our skating to a higher level. If you want to learn more, all you have to do is to register.

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